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Job at Kendrapada

August 13, 2020

  Post-:Center Coordinator (District Coordinator)

Organisation-:Voluntary Association For Rural Reconstruction And Appropriate Technology (Varrat)

Location: Kendrapada, Odisha
 Apply by: 15 Aug 2020
Qualification: Preferably Masters in Social Work. In case not able to identify MSW candidates, then Masters in Humanities/ Child Development/ Psychology/ Sociology/Rural Development may be considered
In the absence of any of the above PG candidates, BSW/ Bachelors Degree in Child Development/Human Development/Sociology, with 3 years field experience in child related activities/ Community Development, may be considered 
Minimum Experience: 1-2 years 
Requirements: Fluency in regional and English language skills – written and verbal 
Available on call on 24 hour basis, willing to travel extensively within city/district, must be familiar with the local area, services, child protection systems 

Job Description:
Ensure that all cases are intervened as per intervention protocols laid out by CIF 
Develop a monthly plan for PCO mapping and Phone testing, ensure that the same takes place and that tele-connectivity issues are regularly followed up and resolved
Ensure regular and systematic documentation of all CHILDLINE activities
Guide and train the team in responding effectively to calls and case interventions, and identify training needs of the team
Organise team building sessions with the team, manage and resolve the team dynamics, undertake capacity building of the team, address issues faced by the team related to work
Organise weekly meetings with the CHILDLINE team
Maintain and supervise all expenditure related to the collaborating organisation
Oversee the administration of the team in terms of attendance/leave and in terms of financial matters
Liaise with the city coordinator for open house and awareness programmes in the city/district
Liaise with the city coordinator for sensitization /training workshops with the Allied Systems ( NICP related activities )
Submit monthly reports to the City Coordinator and in case of absence of the city-coordinator compile monthly report for submission to CIF on the prescribed date
Present CHILDLINE cases at various internal and external forums 
Coordinate with CIF for all routine and strategic operational processes/ initiatives in the region
Coordinate all activities of the CAB in the absence of a nodal organisation
Attend all partnership meetings organized by the CIF

How to apply-: candidates are requested to send their CV the following 



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